Meet Dr Roger Welton, The Holistic Vet

Dr. Roger Welton is the President of Maybeck Animal Hospital, General Partner of Grant Animal Clinic, founder and chief editor of the veterinary information website, Web-DVM , and author of The Man In The White Coat: A Veterinarian’s Tail Of Love.  Through the blogs, podcast and YouTube channel he runs through Web-DVM and this holistic veterinary website, he affectionately earned the nickname “Dr. Roger” from is his fans that number in the hundreds of thousands.

Dr. Roger practices a unique brand of veterinary medicine called integrative medicine in which he is a nationally renowned expert, which combines the best aspects of traditional western medicine and alternative, holistic medicine.  This approach to medicine utilizes directed treatment of disease, while supporting the body to do what it does best, heal itself.  Dr. Roger created this website to promote animal wellness and disease management through non-prescription, nutritional and topical therapy.

In a branch of the veterinary industry where there is no regulation or oversight, Dr. Roger sifts through all of the information and MISinformation thrown at pet owners every day, in order to promote nutritional, dietary, nutraceutical, and other alternative modalities that work, while deterring pet owners from those that do not work or may even cause harm.

Dr. Roger’s articles and information posted at this site are all free for your enjoyment.  We advise that you either subscribe to the blog or check back often, as new and innovative information on alternative, natural, and holistic healing is posted regularly.  We also encourage that you like our Facebook page and Twitter feeds where we post video and other media content to supplement the information posted at this site.

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Dr Roger Welton